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Magitek is a Magic VR adventure powered by physics. Control the four elements to fight enemies, solve puzzles and explore as vast open world that is fully interactive.


VR Magic + Open World

Physically based magic
Spell casting is intricate and dynamic,  Each class of magic will behave differently and will require new skills and training to fully master.
Open World
Explore the world of Embra and solve puzzles, fight enemies and uncover the secrets of the Magitek technology.
Interactive environment
Grass will ignite with fire, ice will melt, water will freeze and iron will heat up and spread heat. Use this to create creative ways to fight enemies and solve puzzles. 
THE Elements


High offensive, aggressive and destructive. The intended style focuses on hand jab, punch and thrusting motidons. Constant movement with aggressive and striking hand motions.

The Elements


Agility, evasion, deflection. Fast attacks with fluid continuous hand movements combine with high mobility passives and the ability to deflect spells.

The Elements


Defensive, slow powerful attacks, environmental manipulation. Earth is about using earth surfaces to create ammo for your attacks and shaping the environment around you to put you in a favourable position. Casters use punches, upper cuts and two hand moves.

The Elements


Defensive and offensive at the same time



Control the four elements; fire, air, earth and water with at least 6 unique abilities for each.

Elemental combos: combine the elements to create new spells.


Physics based weapons including: swords, spears, shield, axes and much more.

Magical fruit can be found across the world that can assist you in battle or help you solve puzzles.


Explore the open world of Embra, a world populated with islands.

From tropical islands, to dark dungeons to floating mountains the world is vast and is waiting to be explored.


The world, Embra, as we know it is almost entirely uninhabitable. Scientists theories that thousands of years ago there was a planet wide cataclysmic event that brought the civilizations and humanity of that age to an end.


Fully physically based enemies.

from Jet powered Magitek constructs to mechanical spiders.

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